Microsoft beefs up security for your most important OneDrive files

It's also doubling the base OneDrive storage limit from 50 GB to 100

Microsoft beefs up security for your most important OneDrive files

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It’s setting up a protected section called OneDrive Personal Vault that requires another method of authentication to access it, such as a PIN, fingerprint, face scan, two-factor authentication code or Microsoft’s Authenticator app.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will soon double the storage limit on the base $2/month OneDrive plan from 50 GB to 100 GB at no extra cost.

After a period of inactivity (three minutes on mobile and 20 on the web or local hard drive by default), OneDrive will lock up the Personal Vault and you’ll have to reauthenticate to gain access again.

With Office 365 plans, there’s no limit to how many files you can store in your Personal Vault, up to your overall storage limit.

If you access OneDrive remotely through a browser on another PC, the browser won’t save your Personal Vault files in its cache.

You can scan in documents directly to your Personal Vault through the OneDrive app, bypassing perhaps less-secure parts of your phone, like the camera roll.

Microsoft plans to bring Personal Vault to everyone by the end of the year, and it’ll start by rolling out the feature in Canada, Australia and New Zealand soon.

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