Millennials don’t want to get drunk. What do they want? Apéritifs. – TechCrunch

Haus launches today with $1 million in pre-seed

Millennials don’t want to get drunk. What do they want? Apéritifs. – TechCrunch

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Haus co-founders, husband-and-wife duo Helena Price Hambrecht (right) and Woody Hambrecht. “We joke that it must have taken a Silicon Valley type to marry a wine & spirits guy because no one has done this before; it’s crazy,” Price Hambrecht tells TechCrunch. “I can make something that gets a shit load of users and press in my sleep and I married this wine & spirits guy who understands the compliance, fulfillment, legal and finance elements.

Ultimately, Haus wants not only to disrupt the liquor business but provide alternative beverages to young people looking for better options. “I was going through my own dilemma of drinking,” Price Hambrecht said. “If you’re a person that is career-focused, you’re possibly drinking 4-plus nights per week.

Knowing this loophole, many restaurants across the U. S. have begun making cocktails using only this subset of liquors (thus avoiding the steep fees required to obtain a liquor license) but Price Hambrecht says no one has thought to create an online store for apéritifs for fear of going up against the old guard of the alcoholic beverage market.

Woody Hambrecht, for his part, has been a bona fide “booze guy” since a young age, making wine and managing 67 acres of wine grapes at the pair’s Sonoma County, Calif. ranch, where Haus is also headquartered.

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