Porsche teases Taycan in sketches alongside design chief interview

Michael Mauer is ready to show Porsche's first EV to the

Porsche teases Taycan in sketches alongside design chief interview

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Mauer also said in the interview that Porsche was considering starting its electric revolution with an SUV, given how much easier the packaging would be, thanks to SUVs’ tall body panels and seating position.

While the pictures might not tell us anything interesting, Porsche also published an internal interview with Michael Mauer, the automaker’s head of design.

But the Taycan is a wildly important car for Porsche, and enthusiasts are happy to soak up whatever new information is out there, and there’s a bit tucked away inside a new interview with Porsche’s design chief.

Porsche will offer the Taycan in a variety of trims, with its top-tier spec sending more than 600 horsepower to all four wheels, which should put its 0-to-60-mph time under 3. 5 seconds.

Striking a balance between batteries and seating position was tough, according to Mauer, because they wanted the batteries and the occupants both as low as possible, without forcing the latter to assume a kind of constantly-reclined, motorsport-style seating position.

While some of his design comments are pretty straightforward — they wanted to keep sports-car proportions, for example — there are some interesting tidbits tucked away in the interview.

To fix this, Porsche implemented "foot garages," two recesses in the back that allow passengers’ feet to land at a more normal position.

They’re not anything we haven’t seen before, though; the two quarter-angle sketches show a design familiar to anyone who’s seen any of the Taycan’s concept forms over the past couple years.

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