US companies reportedly bypassing Trump ban on sales to Huawei

Companies able to get around ban by taking advantage of how goods are labeled, sources tell the New York

US companies reportedly bypassing Trump ban on sales to Huawei

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A week after Trump signed the order, the US Commerce Department scaled back its restrictions on Huawei, granting a temporary general license that will allow the China-based phone maker to keep existing networks and issue updates to existing phones, tablets and other devices through mid-August.

US chipmakers continue to sell product to Huawei, despite a Trump administration ban on the sale of US technology to the Chinese telecom giant. 734"}’>Huawei, sidestepping a Trump administration order barring the sale US technology to the Chinese telecom giant, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

Sources told the newspaper that Intel and Micron are taking advantage of a provision concerning how goods are labeled to ship them to Huawei, as goods produced overseas by American companies aren’t always considered American-made.

"As we have discussed with the US government, it is now clear some items may be supplied to Huawei consistent with the entity list and applicable regulations," John Neuffer, the president of the Semiconductor Industry Association, wrote in a statement on Friday.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra said during an earnings call Tuesday that it ceased shipments to Huawei last month but resumed them two weeks ago after it "determined that we could lawfully resume" some shipments, according to the Times.

In addition, President Donald Trump signed an executive order essentially banning the company in light of national security concerns that Huawei had close ties with the Chinese government.

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