You good, Elon? Read more

You good, Elon? Read more

You good, Elon?  Read more

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On Monday, Musk tweeted an image of the "Blood moon," taken during the lunar eclipse in July 2018, alongside a sign that said "Occupy Mars".

Click Here to find out more. A few weeks ago, U. S. president Donald Trump received a fair share of mocking after tweeting that the moon is a part of Mars.

After someone pointed out the apparent error, Musk replied with a couple of smilies and a quick follow-up: "Moon too".

Some of Musk’s followers took the opportunity to mock him for mistaking Mars and the moon.

But given that Musk is a CEO of a fairly well-known company that sends things and people into space, it’s unlikely that he actually made this error.

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We may never know the real truth, but we must always remember Musk’s recent admission that his Twitter feed is "complete nonsense".

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