'Hollow Knight: Silksong' is a faster, more elegant sequel

Hollow Knight really is as good as you've Now, the sequel is almost here.

'Hollow Knight: Silksong' is a faster, more elegant sequel

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In the sequel, you play as Hornet, a slender, faster character that mixes different skills and attacks which make Silksong feel slicker and more urgent than Hollow Knight.

While its creators recently told fans they wanted it to match "the quality and scale of Hollow Knight" before announcing a release date, this week, I got to spend over 20 minutes playing through two different areas of the game, and it feels like it must be pretty close. Please?

Moss Grotto feels similar to the greener parts of Hollow Knight, and acted as an opportunity to acquaint yourself to playing with a different type of character.

Hollow Knight only healed a single mask after a second or so of focus — it’s probably the most obvious indicator about how the game is built around a more chaotic, thrilling play style.

Hollow Knight’s tour de force may be its boss battles: an opportunity to show how well you can control the character, and the degree of mastery you have over new moves and upgrades.

While we don’t know much about the story of this sequel, Hornet seems a more confident character than the original’s protagonist (heck she talks! ), and that confidence is something that’s stitched into the game itself.

Silksong pulls you into a more aggressive way of playing, but it also streamlines what were often slow laborious hikes across the expansive world of Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight was a gorgeous, entertaining action platform game that appeared out of nowhere for a lot of us.

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