Another Top EPA Official Is Out Amid Ethics Scandal

The mastermind behind the Trump administration’s pro-coal alternative to Obama’s Clean Power Plan is out, reportedly another victim of an ethics

Another Top EPA Official Is Out Amid Ethics Scandal

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In the replacement rule, Wehrum managed to eliminate all targets for reduced carbon emissions, kill all hopes of an immediate energy transition, and help ensure poor air quality for people living near coal-fired power plants remains the status-quo. Nice going, Bill.

Under this administration, whoever replaces him is unlikely to be much better. “Wehrum was an enthusiastic executioner of the Trump EPA’s anti-public health anti-environmental agenda,” said Joe Goffman, who worked on the Clean Power Plan when he worked at the EPA, in a statement emailed to Earther. “To the great harm of the public and the environment, that agenda will roll on regardless of who replaces him.

Last week, he finalized the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule, President Donald Trump’s replacement to the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

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