BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster is an all-electric thrill ride

Its boxer engine has been replaced with something much

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster is an all-electric thrill ride

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Given the small nature of the electric motor, and the relatively not-small nature of the batteries required for decent range, BMW Motorrad shuffled things up a bit.

The manufacturer did away with the Beemer’s staple flat-two "boxer" gas engine and replaced it with an electric motor and battery.

The battery is now where the boxer engine used to be, and the OEM did the best it could to arrange it so that it still bore a passing resemblance to an internal combustion engine.

BMW Motorrad, the automaker’s motorcycle division, unveiled the Vision DC Roadster concept on Tuesday.

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The cooling elements are exposed and placed in the air stream to keep temperatures manageable.

Since there’s no gas engine, that means there’s no need for a gas tank, which means there’s more space to get expressive with the design.

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