Corona Beer Trials Interlocking Cans To Replace Plastic Six-Pack Rings

Each can has a thread on the top and bottom so that the top of one be screwed into the bottom of

Corona Beer Trials Interlocking Cans To Replace Plastic Six-Pack Rings

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The concept is actually one of several that Grupo Modelo is experimenting with. "About seven months ago, we launched a plastic-free ring made of biodegradable material – a plant-based material," Carlos Ranero, marketing vice-president  of Grupo Modelo’s parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev, told Forbes. "This material decomposes so it’s not harmful to wildlife and we’re in a pilot mode with that in Tulum, Mexico, plus now we also have the prototype of fit cans.

Ranero says that Grupo Modelo has an unwavering commitment to the environment. "We would very much like to be here in the next hundred years," he says. "We’re working hard to invest and develop in partnership with start-ups to help tackle specific challenges and we strongly believe we’re going to need a lot of us pulling together to solve these types of problems.

Cans are currently transported in pack or trays, plus in many cities, you can’t openly carry alcohol in public, so a bag would still be required. "We’ve identified challenges at many levels: primary, secondary and tertiary," says Ranero. "This all makes up the pilot trial.

The fit pack is still at the proof of concept stage, so they’re not even commercially available in Mexico. "We’re still improving the prototype now on the industrial scale and then we would set up a specific pilot to continue to regulate the feasibility of this to get it to a bigger scale," says Ranero.

Beer maker Grupo Modelo is trailing an environmentally-friendly, interlocking beer can design that could eliminate the need for plastic pack rings.

A short video showing the concept states that the beverage industry produces over 16. 5 million tons of plastic packaging every year and according to conservation group Oceana, 8. 8 million tons enters the ocean every year.

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