Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch after two-week ban

Gift subscriptions and donations are already pouring

Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch after two-week ban

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Even without Beahm actually sitting in front of his camera and streaming, the community has started to send in donations and gift subscriptions. “He’s not even live and his chat is popping off,” streamer Marshall Hayden tweeted last night. “Subs, gifted subs. HOLY FAWK MAN!!!

He posted a video on Twitter teasing his return on June 21st and followed that up with a joke about his new streaming setup on June 24th, which included a poster about recording being prohibited. “He’s not even live and his chat is popping off.

Although Beahm hasn’t streamed since the channel was reactivated, his page displays an active chat ready for the personality’s anticipated return to the site.

The last time that Beahm returned to Twitch after a lengthy period of time away, he managed to break the record for most concurrent viewers at the time and was even credited for “breaking” Twitch.

Beahm hasn’t said much about the suspension since it was handed out 14 days ago while he was attending the E3 video game conference, but he has poked fun at the scenario and teased a return.

Although two weeks is a sizable length of time for a first-time ban (the company usually doles out 24 or 48-hour suspensions), it’s not the longest suspension period Twitch could have used.

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