Dribbble’s CEO accused of suspending an artist’s account for criticizing the site’s changes

Artists have been criticizing the site’s changes since the company was acquired by

Dribbble’s CEO accused of suspending an artist’s account for criticizing the site’s changes

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Reynolds contacted Dribbble support several times and was informed that his account had been temporarily suspended after receiving multiple flags from the community, despite him not having posted on the site in five months (he still logs in every day).

The platform has been criticized for raising prices for both users and clients looking for artists, hosting design contests that claim rights to submissions, and working with sponsors like Fiverr, which many designers say devalues the quality of their work.

On Tuesday, he quote-tweeted CEO Zack Onisko’s Twitter thread of changes coming to the site to share his criticisms, and found himself blocked by the CEO and his Dribbble account suspended.

A prominent artist on Dribbble is accusing the portfolio-sharing platform’s CEO of suspending his account after a series of tweets criticizing changes to the site. Artist Timothy J.

Onisko highlighted a series of changes coming to the site, which include the phasing out of global leaderboards in favor of a new algorithm that decides which designers will get featured on the homepage.

A longtime Dribbble user with over 50,000 followers, Reynolds voiced his concerns with the company’s new leadership and the rising cost of paywalls for clients to search for designers.

But by all means, keep taking sponsor money from garbage companies like Fiverr and running spec work contests that take advantage of the designers you claim to support. — Timothy J. This is beyond petty.

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