FCC gives thumbs up to Verizon to lock phones for 60 days

Verizon said the temporary lock is meant to deter phone

FCC gives thumbs up to Verizon to lock phones for 60 days

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Verizon explained in a blog post in February when it filed for the waiver that it was taking the action to deter criminals from stealing customers’ identities to order new phones under false names and reselling them.

Ronan Dunne, executive vice president and group CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, said in a statement that Verizon will automatically unlock all phones it sells 60 days after purchase.

Verizon will soon start locking its phones for 60-days to deter thieves from stealing and reselling phones.

The Federal Communications Commission has given Verizon permission to lock its new phones it sells to help curtail theft.

And the agency said it believes it’s actually in the public interest to allow Verizon to lock the phones for 60 days.

Theft of new phones is a growing problem that cost the company $190 million in 2018, Verizon said previously.

Meanwhile, phones sold by competitors like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint come locked.   AT&T requires you to pay off your phone and be active on your service for at least 60 days.

Verizon is only the US wireless carrier that must seek permission to unlock its phones.

The agency granted the waiver so that it could start locking the new phones for a period of 60 days.

T-Mobile has the same paid device requirement and a 40-day wait period, but will offer to temporarily unlock the device sooner for travel. iOS 13 comes with new Siri voice, dark mode, privacy features: All the new software Apple will soon deliver to your iPhone.

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