First look at the Pixel 4: Google confirms the phone, but leaves more questions

Everything we think we know about Google's 2019 flagship

First look at the Pixel 4: Google confirms the phone, but leaves more questions

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Though they are months away from their release, the Pixel 4 will serve as Google’s ultimate take on its mobile OS, which is also the most popular OS in the world, and must stand out, not only from the Apple iPhone but other Android rivals like Samsung.

As mentioned above, the Pixel 4 is a real phone — none other than Google announced that it’s coming.

This isn’t based on any specific rumor, but since the first Pixel launch in 2016, Google has released its flagship in October.

Known product-leaker SlashLeaks posted a rendering of the Pixel 4 from case-maker Skinomi showing the phone with a hole-punch screen and two front-facing cameras (similar to the Galaxy S10 Plus).

After leaked renders of the Pixel 4 surfaced earlier this month, Google unexpectedly released an official image of its upcoming flagship.

Though not much could be gleaned from the device except the square camera bump, it was also reported that the phone had two front cameras (similar to the current Pixel 3) and a large "forehead".

The Pixel 4 could integrate Google’s Project Soli chip, according to 9to5Google.

Google has typically relied on its camera software to do things (like taking portrait photos) that other phones require multiple rear cameras to accomplish, so it’s interesting that Google may possibly add another.

A Google employee confirms the company is developing the Pixel 4.

Google – #Pixel4 – Google Pixel 4 screen guard leaked pic. twitter.

But that still puts us on track to see the Pixel 4 (and maybe Google’s smart home endeavors) in October.

There have been curve balls — for instance, this year Google unveiled the Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL in May.

There’s been reported issues with the Pixel 3’s performance too (but we at CNET haven’t experienced them personally), and the company just settled a class-action lawsuit that will pay out $500 each to owners of the first Pixel phone.

Google would need to solve all these issues with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL if it wants to increase sales.

While previous Pixel XLs launched with just a single camera on the back, leaked photos posted on (once again) SlashLeaks indicate that the Pixel 4 XL may have two rear cameras.

The success of the Pixel 4 would be crucial for Google.

There was another, less official instance when Google confirmed the existence of the phone in April, when a Google employee commented on Google’s Android Open Source Project.

Like with past Pixel phones, the Pixel 4 line will be one of the first — if not the first — phones to run Android’s latest OS.

Apparently, Skinomi is so sure that this will be the design of the phone that you can already order screen protectors and cases for the Pixel 4 right now on its site.

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