How to stream the first 2020 Democratic debates

A two-night affair for the 20 candidates who are hoping to become the Democratic

How to stream the first 2020 Democratic debates

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The initial 2020 Democratic Party candidate debates are actually being split into a two-night affair: the first batch of 10 candidates will air on Wednesday, June 26th, and the second batch will debate on Thursday, June 27th.

Each candidate will get 60 seconds to answer questions and 30 seconds to respond to a follow-up. (Given the history of past debates, these time limits will likely be closer to rough guidelines. ) There will be no opening statements, although candidates will get to deliver closing statements.

Unlike the Oscars, which couldn’t drum up a single host this year, the two debates will be presided over by five moderators: Lester Holt (of NBC Nightly News), Savannah Guthrie (of the Today show), Jose Diaz-Balart (of NBC Nightly News), Chuck Todd (of Meet the Press), and Rachel Maddow (of The Rachel Maddow Show).

Remember: these are just the first debates of what’s shaping up to be the longest and most publicly scrutinized US presidential election in history, so if you think back-to-back debates are a lot now, strap yourselves in because there’s a ways to go before November 3rd, 2020.

It’s a big field of candidates, with 20 hopefuls set to take the stage in NBC’s first debates to make their case about why they should be the one to serve as the party’s nominee.

The first debates for the Democratic Party are set to begin the process of selecting a candidate to challenge incumbent Donald Trump next fall.

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