How to turn off Google Maps’ many notifications

There are 54 notifications turned on by

How to turn off Google Maps’ many notifications

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But I find most of the others to be trivial and annoying to deal with, constantly stacking up in my notification tray and distracting me from other important notifications. (Note: This isn’t an issue for people who use iPhones.

Google Maps has a lot of notification options (between 40 and 54 nestled into 10 categories in the three phones that we tried out), and they’re all turned on by default.

No matter which Android phone you use, the Maps app lets you turn notifications off one by one.

Judging by the flood of notifications I get on a daily basis from Google Maps, it really likes me — maybe a little too much.

When I look down the list, I find a few crucial notifications in the mix, like the one that lets me know my train schedule before I leave for work.

But there’s a faster, easier way to filter all of those notifications if you use a phone that runs on Android 9 Pie software.

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