Insane 5G speeds means you may hit your data cap in a flash

Speed is good, as long as your carrier is generous with the data

Insane 5G speeds means you may hit your data cap in a flash

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Oppo Reno 5G (Randwick, Telstra) LG V50 (Randwick, Telstra) Oppo Reno 5G (Broadway, Telstra) LG V50 (Broadway, Telstra) LG V50 (4G, Optus) LG V50 (NBN broadband) PUBG Mobile (2. 04GB) 81 seconds 54 seconds 118 seconds 85 seconds 3 minutes 5 minutes, 55 seconds Wine Country movie (143 minutes) 85 seconds 92 seconds 2 minutes 15 seconds 75 seconds 66 seconds 110 seconds Peak Download 485Mbps 432Mbps 162Mbps 252Mbps 61Mbps 51. Mbps Peak Upload 63. 3Mbps 65. 8Mbps 56Mbps 48. 4Mbps 10. 6Mbps 23.

This accelerated download speed, much faster than the 5 minutes 57 seconds it takes to download the game via my office broadband, is thanks to LG’s 5G-equipped V50 ThinQ. Is this the future? Almost. 5G has been hailed as the next big tech revolution, powering everything from self-driving cars to smart farming equipment.

At Broadway, a region near Sydney’s central business district, my Optus 4G-connected iPhone XS Max downloaded Wine Country in 2 minutes and 10 seconds — 9 seconds faster than the Oppo Reno 5G (but slower than 5G on the LG V50).

Also like Telstra, the coverage is limited — our Speedtest. net download speeds for AT&T went above 1. 7Gbps, with coverage limited to small business zones — yet expanding.

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