‘Jurassic World Alive’ update lets users feed their AR dinosaurs

‘Jurassic World Alive’ adds sanctuaries where users can feed and play with their augmented-reality

‘Jurassic World Alive’ update lets users feed their AR dinosaurs

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When Jurassic World Alive first came out, many people compared it to Pokémon GO with dinosaurs, and the comparison isn’t far off.

With the new sanctuaries feature, players will be able to interact with the dinosaurs in new ways, like giving their raptors toys to play with.

Since the augmented reality game Jurassic World Alive came out last year, it’s been downloaded 17 million times.

Now, the game is getting a few new features, including "sanctuaries," where users can feed, interact and play with their dinosaurs.

Players will also be able to share sanctuaries and take care of each other’s dinosaurs.

Players have unleashed 115 million dinosaurs and taken them to battle nearly one billion times.

So, while Jurassic World Alive is still pretty similar to Pokémon GO, it now has some Tomagotchi elements, too.

You might not realize it, but you’re living in a world full of dinosaurs.

Players walk around the real world looking for geo-located dinosaur DNA.

They collect that to build their own hybrid thunder-lizard creations and then battle those against other players’ beasts.

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