LG will launch 5G robots

The 5G-connected bots will be for 24/7 facility

LG will launch 5G robots

Curated via Twitter from CNET News’s twitter account….

The autonomous bots will be for 24/7 facility security. 671"}’>LG is working on 5G robots, partnering with Korean carrier SK Telecom for the project.

SK Telecom also wants to use its home-made artificial intelligence (AI) Interference Accelerator and AI cloud for the project, which it said will "not only improve information-processing performance of robots but also support interconnection among multiple robots".

Their robots will replicate the real world by collecting photos and spatial data to build eSpace, and they’ll then charge extra for virtual space services.

LG formed a new robotics division last year, and deployed a suite of cleaning and guide robots at Incheon International Airport back in 2017.

LG is planning to commercialize the cloud-based autonomous robots, which will be connected to SK Telecom’s 5G network.

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