Polar's Latest Fitness Smartwatch Is For Data Dummies

Fitness tracking can get old fast, especially if you’re a beginner staring at a bunch of numbers that don’t make Polar in particular, is known for tracking in-depth metrics and that’s given it the reputation for creating wearables meant for serious athletes only. But its latest smartwatch—the Ignite—seems aimed at the more casual enthusiast—the weekend warrior who’s a data dummy.

Polar's Latest Fitness Smartwatch Is For Data Dummies

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Polar says it’s introducing overnight heart rate measurement, better sleep tracking, guided breathing exercises, and personalized training guides to the Ignite.

Depending on your Sleep Score and Nightly Recharge, the Ignite watch will then recommend whether you should do cardio, strength training, or other ‘supportive’ activity.

That means you’ll get a numeric score on your previous night’s sleep, based on how long you slept and various heart rate data taken through the night.

The Ignite seems to taking a stab at telling you how to interpret the relationship between sleep and fitness in real time—but we’ll have to test it out for ourselves to see if it’s actually useful.

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