Super Mario Maker 2 is a great sequel that makes me miss the Wii U

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Super Mario Maker 2 is a great sequel that makes me miss the Wii U

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When the original Super Mario Maker came out on the Wii U in 2015, I called it the console’s “defining game. ” The entire experience of crafting your own 2D, side-scrolling Super Mario levels felt perfectly suited to the Wii U’s bizarre setup: you could tweak levels using the touchscreen tablet in your hands, and then play through them on your TV.

The problem is that a more elegant solution already exists with the Wii U. (This might be the only time someone uses the words “elegant” and “Wii U” in the same sentence. ) I’m really enjoying my time with Super Mario Maker 2, but I still feel like something is missing when one half of the experience is far superior in portable mode.

When you take a turn down an unknown path, a screeching horror movie-style music prompt plays, making it the first Super Mario level I’ve ever played with jump scares. So far, so great.

Nintendo has also created a surprisingly robust story mode that’s great for teaching you about the game, but it also stands on its own as a solid Super Mario experience.

It’s really more of a tool than a game, one where you can build something very specific: classic 2D Super Mario levels.

But one of the best things about Super Mario Maker 2 is how it eases you into the world of game design.

Super Mario Maker 2 takes an already solid premise and builds on it with new tools and a fantastic story mode and tutorial.

At its core, Super Mario Maker 2 is the same as the previous iterations in the series, which includes the sadly hobbled Nintendo 3DS version.

It’s not stitched together in the same way as a traditional Super Mario game, so you won’t be making your way through various themed worlds.

Super Mario Maker 2 is an excellent sequel, and I’m incredibly excited to see what the community does with it when it officially launches.

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