Tesla is quietly developing its own EV battery cells

Tesla could lower the costs of its EVs by producing its own cells rather than relying solely on

Tesla is quietly developing its own EV battery cells

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Tesla has powered its electric cars using Panasonic’s battery cells for years, but it may ready for a greater degree of independence going forward.

It still needs its partner in the short term, and Panasonic’s capacity might be crucial as Tesla expands its reach.

Moreover, it might provide a failsafe in case the relationship between Tesla and Panasonic goes south.

Panasonic might just want to have a backup plan in case it’s no longer the center of Tesla’s universe.

Employees talking to CNBC claim that Tesla is developing its own "advanced" lithium-ion battery cells as well as the processes to manufacture them at scale.

Internally-designed cells could ensure that Tesla isn’t held back and, as technology VP Drew Baglino put it, make the company the "masters of our own destiny".

In-house cells would let Tesla optimize its battery packs for its cars, whether it’s longer range, more acceleration or better sustained performance.

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