The Morning After: San Francisco bans the sale of e-cigarettes

Double Amazon Prime

The Morning After: San Francisco bans the sale of e-cigarettes

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Dutch clean-mobility company Lightyear has debuted its long-range prototype car, the Lightyear One, with a range of 725 km (450 miles) and a small battery charged by sunlight or from conventional charging stations.

The roof and hood of the car are covered with five square meters of solar cells beneath safety glass, which the company claims is "so strong that a fully-grown adult can walk on them without causing dents".

Meanwhile, Sony does it again with another pair of capable noise-cancelling headphones that you should consider, and NASA briefly halts its Curiosity rover over a big methane gas emission on the red planet.

The levels were enough to pause the rover’s activities as scientists sought more answers: Methane is a gas typically produced by life as we know it, after all, and it could well be a sign of life on the planet.

Next year, NBCUniversal will launch an ad-supported streaming service, and once 2021 strikes, it will have "the number one series in subscription video on-demand" as an exclusive.

NASA confirmed that the Curiosity rover recently detected the "largest amount of methane ever measured during the mission".

Amazon’s annual Prime Day this year will start at midnight PT/3AM ET on July 15th and will last for 48 hours.

Like that friend that decides to have a birthday ‘week,’ Amazon has decided to stretch its annual conspicuous consumption sale across two days.

If you want the Lightyear One, the reservation fee for one of the first 500 cars is a hefty €119,000, equivalent to $135,000, and delivery isn’t expected until 2021.

The carrier — which is still seeking approval for a merger with Sprint — says it won’t charge a premium for 5G, unlike some carriers, and that it won’t raise prices on plans for at least three years.

Amazon’s Prime Day is coming, twice, this July, and Target wants a shopping fight.

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