Twitch is testing subscriber-only streams

Twitch's Subscriber Streams beta puts some live shows behind a

Twitch is testing subscriber-only streams

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And yes, Twitch is aware of the potential for abuse by creators who might want to lock questionable content behind sub-only livestreams.

It won’t be thrilling if you don’t like paying for Twitch, but it could help creators who want to reward paying fans with behind-the-scenes specials, all-request game sessions and other perks.

A Twitch channel subscription might soon get you considerably more than emotes, ad-free viewing and access to special chat rooms.

The service is launching a beta for Subscriber Streams, or live broadcasts that are (you guessed it) limited to people with active subscriptions, mod privileges and VIP status.

You’re only allowed to offer Subscriber Streams if you haven’t violated community guidelines in the past 90 days, and anyone can report potential violations even if they only saw an offense during the live previews.

This does risk creating different tiers of Twitch experiences where some content is locked behind a paywall.

That, in turn, could lead more Twitch users to either start broadcasting in the first place or step up their efforts.

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