VESA publishes DisplayPort 2 standard as 8K future nears

DisplayPort gets its first major standards update in over three

VESA publishes DisplayPort 2 standard as 8K future nears

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A maximum payload delivery of 77. 37 Gbps, three times more powerful than the current DisplayPort 1. 4a spec, allows for support of a feed at 8K resolution with a 60 Hz refresh rate, full-color 4:4:4 resolution and 30 bits per pixel to support HDR-10.

New features of the updated spec include support for resolutions beyond 8K — including 10K and 16K, higher refresh rates and high dynamic range (HDR) support at higher resolutions and "improved user experience with augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) displays".

As companies continue to announce higher, richer, and sharper displays the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has decided to update its DisplayPort spec.

The first major update in over three years, the group on Wednesday introduced DisplayPort 2, a new spec designed to take on the new displays of the future.

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