What is considered a normal resting heart rate?

Your resting heart rate is a big indicator of how healthy you are -- learn what normal looks like for

What is considered a normal resting heart rate?

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Resting heart rate (RHR)—the number of times your heart beats per minute at rest—is a quick way to gauge how efficiently your heart is working.

Learn what’s normal, what’s healthy, and what might be throwing your resting heart rate out of whack.

"Ideally, you want your resting heart rate to be somewhere between 50 and 70," says Haythe.

Long gone are the days of having to measure your resting heart rate by placing two fingers against your neck and watching the clock.

"An abnormally high resting heart can be a sign that you’re just in really bad shape fitness-wise," says cardiologist Jennifer Haythe, MD, co-director of Columbia Women’s Heart Center.

So if your resting heart rate is significantly below 60 and you don’t feel good, you should go to the doctor and get an EKG". Congrats!

"We want to see that your heart rate is slow at rest, that it increases appropriately with exercise, and that it comes down quickly—within a few minutes".

"A slow heart rate can be a symptom of a lot of different things," says Haythe.

"What I think is more important is how quickly your heart rate comes down after you exercise," Haythe said.

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Now, it’s as easy as firing up a smartphone app or saying, "Siri, what’s my heart rate?

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