Are headphones 'made for women' really necessary?

Men and women do hear but not by a whole lot.

Are headphones 'made for women' really necessary?

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Yet, Stillings’ Rose Rockers aren’t the first headphones "made for women".

It seems that despite the research and Stillings’ claims, there might not really be a huge demand for headphones made just for women.

While other companies simply made their headphones more outwardly feminine, Stillings said, her headphones are made for women from the inside out.

"That’s the same for men and women," he said, adding that the ear cups for most headphones are generally sized large enough to be comfortable for big and small ears.

A cursory online search reveals that most of the headphones targeted for women aren’t too different from "normal" headphones, except they come in more colors and styles.

Champlin acknowledges that there are certainly some differences between men and women from the physical or anatomical perspective; men’s ears do tend to be larger than women’s ears.

Instead, she simply wants to be the first company to make headphones for women, by women.

A 1995 study published in the Journal of Acoustical Society of America also states that men tend to experience hearing loss much earlier in life, with sensitivity that "declines more than twice as fast in men as in women at most ages and frequencies".

It was apparently the result of "years of research" into the "anatomical and acoustic differences between men and women," and it too was adorned with various colors and flowers.

Not only are women’s ears typically smaller in size, they also respond to bass and pitch differently than men, she said.

Larger ones will probably be uncomfortable in most women’s ears and very small earbuds might be much too loose in most men’s ears.

After some brainstorming and partnering with manufacturers, she came up with the idea for Rosé Rockers, which are a pair of headphones with artificial flowers placed so it looks like a halo on your head.

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