Blipblox is a synth made for kids that adults will like too

Blipblox is a synth for kids that will carry them into

Blipblox is a synth made for kids that adults will like too

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And if they need a little help, there’s an online Learning Toolbox that spells everything out: It tells you the big lever on the right controls the cutoff, the light blue knobs on the bottom control the modulation level, and so on.

Once they get past the turn-knobs-and-push-buttons-at-random phase — maybe somewhere between five and eight years old — kids can start connecting the knobs to their specific functions and learn to follow the signal flow lines on the front.

It puts more of the "standard" synth controls at children’s fingertips and encourages parents to play with their kids.

That means that even as your child enters their teenage years, they can still get use out of the Blipblox as a source of real music rather than just a source of unending cacophony.

And by taking away the keyboard, they’re encouraged to focus on how the knobs and buttons affect the sound rather than trying to play a melody.

Because what sets Blipblox apart from other music toys is that it’s a learning tool and an instrument — not just a way to introduce new forms of noise pollution to your home.

For instance, you don’t select a wave form yourself; you press a button in the middle to cycle through various algorithms that combine oscillators and modulation schemes in various predetermined ways.

There’s an amp envelope (though you can only control over the decay), a pair of LFOs, a modulation envelope and a low-pass filter that take the raw sound of the oscillator and turns it into something far more compelling.

From there you can hook up an external sequencer or keyboard to the standard five-pin MIDI DIN on the back and play it like any other instrument.

There are a number of hidden features in the Blipblox that you can unlock using certain button combinations.

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