Can Amazon's new Echo Sub compete with Sonos?

Can Amazon's new Echo Sub compete with Sonos?

Can Amazon's new Echo Sub compete with Sonos?

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Anyone who really wanted to experience music to its fullest had to pony up for the larger and more versatile speakers on the market such as Sonos, HomePod, Google Home, or they could opt to connect the Echo Input to their higher-quality but otherwise “dumb” speaker system.

If you’ve already invested in and Echo Plus for the louder speaker and just want to improve the sound quality, for $129 dollars the Sub is the way to go.

That being said, I still don't think serious music lover is going to find all that they’re looking for in a speaker set with the combination of an Echo Plus (or even two Pluses) and Echo Sub.

It can work in conjunction with a single Echo or a stereo pair of Echo speakers, which affords you left and right stereo sound in addition to rumbling bass.

The release of the Echo Sub is Amazon's attempt to bridge the gap between their Echo devices and serious speaker systems for music lovers.

However, if you are just now entering smart speaker market and want a speaker system that will give you goosebumps as well as access to Alexa or Google Assistant, I highly recommend you opt for a Sonos One instead.

Despite all their amazing features, Amazon Echo smart speakers have never really been about sound quality.

It's worth noting that the Sub is only a sub—it has no microphone and does not work except when paired with an Echo Speaker.

The Sub can pair with any other Echo speaker to deliver much-enhanced mids and lows thanks to a 6-inch woofer.

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