Cool Stranger Things gear to turn you Upside Down for season 3

From a bike like Dustin's to retro Nike kicks, these 11 (make that Eleven) products will bring Hawkins to

Cool Stranger Things gear to turn you Upside Down for season 3

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Season 3 of Netflix supernatural thriller Stranger Things is about to bring Hawkins, Indiana, and its creepy monsters, spooky parallel dimensions and bad ’80s mullets back into our living rooms — and nightmares.

This portable mini arcade unit is filled with 20 games inspired by nostalgic titles from the ’80s, including some Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Mad Max and other characters are seen playing on the show.

How Stranger Things inspired an entire album of Stranger Songs: Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson talks ’80s nostalgia, her love for Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and her hopes for season 3.

With the Netflix sci-fi hit returning July 4, you can bring Hawkins home with everything from a bike like Dustin’s to a handheld unit that plays ’80s games.

As part of its Hawkins line, out June 27, Nike is selling three throwback models — the Cortez, Tailwind and Blazer (pictured) — that will put you in step with 1985, the year season 3 takes place.

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