Do you know the mushroom man?

Do you know the mushroom man?

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Because for every outlandish idea that grows in his mind like fungus, Stamets brings the receipts. “His extravagant claims for the power of mushrooms are bound to set off a journalist’s bullshit detector,” writes author Michael Pollan in How to Change Your Mind, his 2018 book on psychedelics, which features an eye-opening chapter on Stamets. “Yet even some of Stamets’ airier notions turn out to have a scientific foundation beneath them … Stamets’ ideas and theories have turned out to be far more durable, and more practicable, than I ever would have guessed. (For his part, Stamets says he enjoyed his time with Pollan, but also pokes fun at his book for being scientifically basic — dubbing it “What I did on my summer psychedelic vacation.

In October 2018, a former chief of staff to the Oakland City Council president named Carlos Plazola, unaware of Stamets’ advice, took what he calls a “heroic dose” of psilocybin mushrooms, then asked his cousin to lock him in his bedroom for five hours.

The same month Stamets spoke at Lightning in a Bottle they swayed city officials during a hearing at City Hall, winning the attention of a packed house. “They were not a bunch of hippies; they were doctors, lawyers, nurses, scientists,” says Plazola.

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