Stranger Things recap: Everything you need to know from season 1 and 2

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Stranger Things recap: Everything you need to know from season 1 and 2

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While a frantic Will’s mom and the Hawkins Police Department Chief Jim Hopper — who himself suffered the bereavement of his daughter to cancer — lead the search for Will, Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s older sister, and her best friend Barb nip out to a pool party at Nancy’s boyfriend’s house.

Joyce and Hopper face the troubling prospect of Will’s new art hobby: using up all the black pencils to draw the shadow monster from the Upside Down.

The boys, with the help of Hopper and their baffled science teacher, utilize a paddle pool, goggles and duct tape to build a way for El to amplify her powers to search the Upside Down for Will. But first, the bad news.

With Hopper and Joyce preoccupied with safely rescuing Will, the government agents, working with Hawkins Lab, swarm the school.

All Hopper and Joyce have to do now is race over to Hawkins Lab and through the entrance to the Upside Down.

Using the one thing they know hurts the shadow monster, Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy hit the possessed Will with a red-hot fireplace poker and send the monster tornadoing out of his body, freeing him at last.

Brenner from her now near-brain-dead birth mother, Terry Ives — El uses her superpowered mind to spectacularly flip one of the vans, allowing the friends to escape and find a hiding place at Hawkins Middle School.

Then, surviving in the woods off eating squirrels and swiping a stranger’s coat, she discovers Hopper’s drop box food gifts and the two end up living together in a secluded cabin.

The monster, dubbed the Mind Flayer, calls all its quadruped lizard-dog mashups dubbed the Demo-Dogs, from around Hawkins to the hospital holding Will.

Bob, the hero we all knew he was, sneaks through the carnage into the security room and successfully opens a path for Joyce, Hopper, Mike, Will and Dr.

Meanwhile, El and Hopper descend into Hawkins Lab, finding the sinewy, glowing gate to the Upside Down.

Joyce and Bob rescue him just in time from Hawkins Lab, whose hazmat-suited employees set out to burn the monster’s heat-hating tunnels.

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