Take the long weekend to clear up some iCloud storage, with tips from @yelix (Happy Fourth!

Take the long weekend to clear up some iCloud storage, with tips from @yelix (Happy Fourth!

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The easiest solution to this might be simply to delete your entire iCloud Photos library from the Manage Storage menu, but you should take the proper precautions first.

It’s a bit of a bummer, then, that Apple only gives us five measly gigabytes of free iCloud storage space to work with.

Since a single backup can take up multiple gigabytes of iCloud storage, deleting one will be the easiest way to clear up space in a pinch.

Yes, it’s highly valuable to have a copy of your iPhone or iPad’s exact configuration in case of emergency, but it’s also really annoying to run out of free iCloud space because of it.

However, what you really want to do now is tap Manage Storage to get an even more exact readout of what’s taking up the most space in your iCloud inventory.

However, it just so happens that photos can take up an incredible amount of iCloud storage space.

If you take a lot of photos or leave more than one iCloud backup sitting around, that 5GB limit will fill up quicker than you might have thought possible.

Apple’s iCloud Photos feature is also convenient, especially for people who take a lot of photos on their iPhone.

Doing so will let you manually choose which apps will be backed up next time your device automatically makes one, which can reduce iCloud data buildup in the future.

You can also turn off iCloud Photos from the iCloud menu if you would rather keep everything on your device.

You can get 50GB of iCloud space for 99 cents per month.

Apple’s iCloud service is a godsend for iPhone and iPad owners.

Accessed from the aforementioned iCloud menu in iOS, you can use iCloud Photos to automatically store photos you take in the cloud.

From there, tap iCloud to get an exact view of how much space you have left.

Luckily, there are some pretty easy ways to manage your iCloud situation straight from your iOS device.

However, since you’re already here, here are the easiest ways to clear up your iCloud storage without paying for more.

Let’s say you try clearing out your backups, managing your photo situation, and generally being smarter about what you allow to back up to iCloud.

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