Those vape trick vids make young people want to try e-cigs, @realkrauswife found

Those vape trick vids make young people want to try e-cigs, @realkrauswife found

Curated via Twitter from FutureShift’s twitter account….

That left the 59 videos — 22 of which appear in multiple search terms — that were the videos people seeking information about vaping or vape tricks were most likely to come upon in a YouTube search.

Kong’s team analyzed 59 videos, which were all of the videos on the first two pages of search results for intentionally broad search terms like "vape tricks" or "how to do vape tricks".

When you search "vaping" on YouTube from a blank account, three of the first four videos are of tricks.

The researchers previously found that — right behind fruity flavors — young people say vape tricks were one of the leading reasons they wanted to try vaping.

That corresponded with another study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health that found that vape tricks were leading kids to start vaping in the first place.

When you search "vaping" from an incognito account on YouTube, the top videos come back with vaping tricks.

So they took a quantitative look at the most popular vaping trick videos on YouTube to find out who’s making them and why they appeal to young people.

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