Burning palm trees are California’s way of celebrating July Fourth

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Burning palm trees are California’s way of celebrating July Fourth

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In California, we go through three reliable stages of July Fourth celebrations: before the events kick off, we are warned that fireworks are dangerous; then, we enjoy the fireworks; finally, we post the videos to social media of palm trees on fire.

The classic palm tree fire video is shot in or near Los Angeles, though the phenomenon is not limited to Southern California.

There is no safe amount of “tree on fire. ” If you have seen even one video of a burning palm, you also know they spit embers, burning fronds, and other debris onto nearby trees and structures.

And while fireworks-related palm tree fires are not limited to the Fourth of July — one especially spectacular video comes from New Year’s Eve celebrations — they do tend to appear in droves around the holiday.

The most classic palm tree fire video, for me, is not amateur at all.

The answer to that question is the above video, in which another palm tree is on fire.

It is while watching flaming palm tree videos that I am most acutely aware of the time-distortion that comes from video. I am watching the past.

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