Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?

Steve does not like firms slurping up his data, so wants a device that respects his privacy

Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?

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It should also enable Android smartphone suppliers to sell phones with alternative versions of Android in Europe, which Google did not allow them to do before.

These are only 2G phones but they have built-in FM radios, they can send texts, they are great for making phone calls and they are not based on Google or Apple technologies.

Nokia’s latest 4G feature-phone, the Nokia 8110 “banana phone”, runs the KaiOS operating system, in which Google has invested $22 million.

If you want to rid your life of Google and Apple, Nokia’s basic phones are one of the few options available.

In other words, the OS most likely to become a global alternative to Apple’s iOS and Google Android isn’t – and isn’t likely to be – 100% free from Google software.

The Alcatel Go Flip 2, JioPhone and Orange Sanza are alternative KaiOS phones available in North America, India and Africa respectively. (Kai is named from the Chinese word for open, not the undead protagonist in the Lexx science fiction series.

Whatever happens with Apple and Google, people buy smartphones to run apps and most apps appear to be compromising your privacy.

Meanwhile, the EU’s latest antitrust case against Google should allow phone manufacturers to offer alternative browsers and search engines.

So, are there any phones that are 100% free from Google and Apple software and hardware?

It could also pre-package access to some Google properties, even if they are just web apps, because most people want to use them.

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KaiOS includes WhatsApp – its main selling point – plus a web browser, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Assistant.

Gonk, the operating system underneath Gecko (which is Firefox’s web-rendering engine) is a small Linux kernel derived from Google’s AOSP, the Android Open Source Project.

Gmail is the dominant email service, YouTube is the dominant short video provider, Google Search and Google Maps are very useful and Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser.

And so far, despite the GDPR and three antitrust cases against Google, the EU has left smartphone tracking revenues unharmed. Have you got a question? Email it to Ask. Jack@theguardian.

Sailfish can be ported to more alternative smartphones than Ubuntu Touch but I can’t see any current phones with Sailfish pre-installed.

Indeed, it looks as though the next generation of candy-bar phones will also include Google.

The people who owned Windows phones seemed to love them and in 24 countries it overtook Apple’s iPhone in market share.

I have concerns about the likes of Google and Apple slurping up as much info as they can about me from my phone.

In that case, buy a GPD Pocket 2, GPD MicroPC, One Mix Yoga, One Mix 1S, One Mix 2S or similar just-about-pocketable computer running Microsoft Windows 10 on a 7in screen. (GeekBuying stocks several models and is taking reservations on the One Mix 1S. ) Mini-laptops may look expensive but they are cheaper than high-end smartphones.

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