Firefly 2+ is a smart and stylish vape for cannabis connoisseurs

The Firefly 2+ is a smartly designed mixed-use vape for cannabis connoisseurs

Firefly 2+ is a smart and stylish vape for cannabis connoisseurs

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"In addition to not having to wait to vape, you need a quick cool down time to preserve the material in the bowl so that you’re not cooking it off while you’re not actually ingesting," Firefly CEO Steve Berg explained to Engadget.

You pry off the magnetic cover, crumble roughly-shredded herb into the borosilicate glass bowl, dust off any errant bits of weed from the surface (as they’ll interfere with the air flow if you don’t), replace the cover and then press both touch capacitive buttons to engage the heater.

After a few draws, you’ll have to open the cover back up, stir the weed around to expose more surface area (using whatever you have on you as the 2+ doesn’t come with a poker, unlike the $160 Linx Gaia), replace the cover and repeat until the bowl is cashed.

Since convection vapes like the 2+ continually heat throughout the draw — ie, the longer you suck on it, the hotter the bowl gets — you can take little "sips" to enjoy the terpene flavors or give it a good "heeeep" to get a stronger, hotter, and more vapory hit.

And if the company decides to do so in the future, the process would be opt in and "likely cast in the context of helping them better understand their own behaviors and use cases, and how to optimize what they’re looking for in their cannabis vaporization experience".

Luckily, the battery on the Plus charges ludicrously quickly: just under an hour for a full charge, up to 80 percent in around a half hour and enough for one quick bowl in under 15.

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