Fortnite season 9, week 9 challenges and where to launch fireworks

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Fortnite season 9, week 9 challenges and where to launch fireworks

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For week 7, players who complete all the challenges will receive a new Utopia loading screen with a clue to a hidden Battle Star.

Players can find Fortbyte #02 at the holo-clock tower in Neo Tilted without needing to complete all of the week’s challenges. • UNLOCKED: Fortbyte #2 – Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #6. pic. twitter.

As in week 2’s Utopia loading screen, week 4’s image provides players a clue of where to get a Fortbyte rather than Battle Star.

The Utopia loading screen will unlock when all of the challenges for week 8 are completed, but players can go find the Fortbyte without it.

Check out the graffiti in the Fortnite season 9 week 9 loading screen to find the hidden Battle Star.

When players finish the weekly challenges, they’ll receive a new loading screen that hints at a secret Battle Star.

Before attempting to complete this task, the previous 14 Days of Summer challenge to find the unicorn floaties needs to be completed first to get the Neon Tropic wrap.

Week 9’s Utopia loading screen has a clue to a free Battle Star.

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