Great games for your nongaming laptop

Want to sneak in a little PC gaming on the side? Here's how to find the best games for almost any school or office

Great games for your nongaming laptop

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Besides Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, iOS and Android devices, and the all-important Monopoly platform, Fortnite is also extremely forgiving of your low-end laptop, as pointed out in our original games for nongaming laptops feature.

If sneaking a few games onto your work or school laptop isn’t enough, then check out our ranking of the most powerful gaming laptops today.

The 4K, HDR graphics on games like Metro: Exodus and The Division 2 put their console counterparts to shame, and amazing new hardware from Nvidia and AMD, led right now by Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards, and even new RTX "Super" GPUs, are blowing away previous performance benchmarks.

Many recent games, especially creative, critically hailed indie games, play just fine on your work laptop, and we’ve collected some of the best here.

One of the best tabletop games of the current board game revival has an excellent digital version as well.

Other key tabletop games, like Pandemic and Ticket to Ride, now have PC game versions as well.

The perfect laptop game, Steamworld Heist is a lightweight, turn-based shooter that’s sort of like Firefly. With robots. And hats.

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