I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilization as Its Batteries Could Take Me

Almost as suddenly as the electric rent-a-scooters appeared, everyone had an opinion about They began clogging sidewalks across the Bay Area in late 2017 ($1 to start!) as brands with four-letter names like Bird and Lime fought for dominance in the latest vampiric startup scheme. Folks were excited to share their takes, even if you never asked.

I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilization as Its Batteries Could Take Me

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Additionally, Skip’s terms of service list a bunch of prohibited activities, like taking pictures of other users without their permission and being racist (seriously, read ‘em), but don’t mention anything about riding a scooter until its batteries die as a means of escaping society.

Outside the area is a purple-colored no-man’s land, free of scooters, presumably ravaged by violent gangs with poor mobility.  When I crossed into this lawless territory, I worried that my scooter would shut off and the whole plan would sputter to a stop, leaving me at the mercy of the hordes and their perverse whims.

Beyond the bridge, the small screen on the scooter indicated that I had about 50 percent battery left.

Best of all, Skip’s rate schedule indicates that they “may charge you a drop off charge equal to $25. 00 for for [sic] each drop or ended ride outside of the service territory area. ” This seemed like a totally reasonable fee to maybe pay.

If they signed up to be a scooter charger, it’s theoretically possible to reach a kind of scooter rental equilibrium, in which the costs of operation are negated by the payments from recharging. A clean, perfect cycle.

Most scooter batteries last for about 15 miles, though Skip’s website claims its devices have a range of 30 miles.

I rolled the scooter off the hiking path, onto a flat vista overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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