iOS 13: New camera tricks you can soon try

Here's a look at the changes iOS 13 public beta is delivering to your iPhone's

iOS 13: New camera tricks you can soon try

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You can access high-key light mono in two ways: Inside the camera app when you’re taking a portrait shot, or after you’ve taken the picture and editing it in the Photos app.

Here’s a look at the changes iOS 13 public beta is delivering to your iPhone’s camera. iOS 13 brings with it a suite of new photo- and video-editing features. 560"}’>iPhone photography, some of the best new features to look forward to in iOS 13 are found not in the camera, but nestled in the Photos app.

You can also choose to share photos in their original quality when sharing via Airdrop. iOS 13 comes with new Siri voice, dark mode, privacy features: All the new software Apple will soon deliver to your iPhone.

It’s now a collage of memories categorized by days, months or years, instead of just static pictures in a grid like what you’d see in the "All photos tab" on iOS 12. iOS 13 will show all your pictures, videos and live photos in differently-sized squares.

For example, you’ll finally be able to edit and rotate videos, and Photos has a new way to keep things organized.

For portrait shots, you now have a new lighting option called "high-key light mono," which turns the background white on top of converting the whole photo into black and white.

But with iOS 13, you have nearly all the same editing tools for video that you have for photos.

Compared to the current iOS 12. 3. 1, taking and editing photos in iOS 13 is more practical and satisfying.

The camera on the iPhone consistently ranks number one in our tests for video, but until iOS 13, there were very few editing options.

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