More government imposter scam calls than ever before

People have lost $56 million this year to

More government imposter scam calls than ever before

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After Social Security, the most common calls were from Health and Human Services imposters (20,000 reports), IRS imposters (4,500 reports), government grants imposters (1,600 reports) and police, sheriff or FBI imposters (1,400 reported calls).

The FTC data shows most imposters pretended to be from the Social Security Administration, at 65,000 scam calls reported to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network between January and May 2019.

"These scammers may tell people that their Social Security number has been suspended, which does not happen, or that they are facing arrest because they owe back taxes, and demand payment from the consumer to avoid getting into trouble," the FTC said.

Government imposter scams are continuing to rise, the US Federal Trade Commission says, with more reports of scam calls in May 2019 than ever before.

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