Our foldable future is running a little late, and that's OK

When it come to making folding phones, being first isn't as helpful as you might

Our foldable future is running a little late, and that's OK

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According to a recent Bloomberg report, Samsung has completed its Galaxy Fold redesign: That protective top plastic layer should cover the internal foldable screen edge to edge, and tuck under the edges of the bezel so you can’t remove it by hand.

Yeah, it shouldn’t have been made to look like a removable screen protector. (In fairness to Samsung, Galaxy Folds meant for actual consumers instead of picky reviewers were supposed to have clearer messaging about not removing that top layer of plastic. ) Those small gaps formed by the hinge above and below the main, folding display never inspired much confidence either.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery told me point-blank that the company had been working on foldables for a long time, and didn’t plan on releasing its first foldable phone later than the rest of its competitors.

From the moment it was first teased last year, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold convinced many that foldable phones were the next frontier to conquer.

Apparently, Huawei took word of the Galaxy Fold’s show-stopping shortcomings to heart and pushed back the launch, all so it could perform even further testing. (When asked for comment, a Huawei spokesperson had nothing new to add. ) This was probably the right move, but all the testing in the world probably won’t prevent that screen — which folds so that both halves of the display are always exposed — from breaking when it hits the ground.

Samsung shouldn’t have tried to push the Galaxy Fold out the door when it did; it honestly feels like the company’s primary concern was being first.

By this point, industry watchers and phone nerds had worked themselves into something of a foldable frenzy, and Samsung was supposed to be the first to scratch that itch.

A few hours later, Motorola confirmed to CNET that it was eyeing a foldable launch window in the summer. (For what it’s worth, my informed-but-unconfirmed hunch pointed to a release date in July. ) While that’s still possible, the notion of an imminent launch seems questionable.

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