The Morning After: Facebook and Instagram's image outage

And the PlayStation Classic got another price cut, at least at Best Buy and

The Morning After: Facebook and Instagram's image outage

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On Wednesday, Facebook’s service suffered an outage that screwed up image loading and even exposed some of the machine learning-generated tags it relies on to sort pics.

While the company’s choice of name is a bit strained — it means "the first in existence" or "the living one" — it makes sense given both Lotus’ traditions and what it represents.

Ahead of its formal reveal in July, Lotus is giving Goodwood Festival attendees a peek at the Type 130 hypercar’s shape via a light show. 75 percent off and falling.

In other news, Facebook suffered an outage, and Apple’s latest iOS 13 feature is either creepy or cool — we can’t decide.

The company has long given its cars names starting with E (Esprit, Elise, Exige), and it only seems fitting to name an EV as, well, Ev.

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The Switch’s online store isn’t the easiest to navigate, so this guide aims to help the uninitiated start their journey on the right foot.

As many in the US celebrate Independence Day, we’re probably catching you right before or after a Stranger Things 3 binge session — and either way is the perfect time to read our review.

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