UK police's facial recognition system has an 81 percent error rate

An independent report found that four out five matched 'suspects' were

UK police's facial recognition system has an 81 percent error rate

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The report — which was commissioned by Scotland Yard — found that the technology used by the UK’s Metropolitan Police is 81 percent inaccurate and concludes that it is "highly possible" the system would be found unlawful if challenged in court.

Researchers measured the accuracy of the technology from six of these locations and found that of 42 "suspect matches," only eight were correct, giving an error rate of 81 percent.

The report, obtained by Sky News, is the first independent evaluation of the scheme since the technology was first used at Notting Hill Carnival in August 2016.

Despite some apparent "successes" — such as the identification of an illegal traveler at Dulles airport just three days after the system was launched — the technology continues to pose a number of ethical and legal dilemmas.

Facial recognition technology is mistakenly targeting four out of five innocent people as wanted suspects, according to findings from the University of Essex.

The use of facial recognition technology has skyrocketed in recent times, with systems being installed in public transport hubs and at large events.

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