Ford GT Mk II is part supercar, part race car, all awesome

This track-day toy boasts more horsepower and downforce than Ford's Le Mans race car.

Ford GT Mk II is part supercar, part race car, all awesome

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This non-street-legal, limited-production car is a synthesis of Ford’s GT street car and race car efforts.

Fear not GT collectors, that production run comes out of the model range’s total planned production run of 1,350 cars.

It’s all business in here, complete with custom Sparco seats with the shoulder "ears" cut off so that two can fit side-by-side in the GT’s cozy cabin.

A huge fixed rear wing is the new Mk II’s most noticeable aerodynamic departure from the GT street car.

The GT Mk II’s default color will be white, but Ford and Multimatic will probably paint yours if you offer them enough cash.

Fender vents are necessary to help balance the car’s aerodynamic loads.

A new roof-mounted air intake feeds coolers for the engine, clutch and transmission.

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