Sea of Solitude is a haunting game that turns personal demons into literal monsters

Tragic and beautiful

Sea of Solitude is a haunting game that turns personal demons into literal monsters

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Sea of Solitude isn’t the first game to explore mental health issues; 2017’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is one notable example.

It’s a place that shifts between a beautiful seascape and a dark, nightmarish world, as Kay attempts to come to terms with a series of traumas from throughout her life.

People often describe dealing with mental health issues as fighting demons — in Sea of Solitude, that phrase becomes literal.

You’ll hear flashbacks to moments in Kay’s life — her parents fighting, maybe, or her little brother struggling for some attention — as you explore, as well as her own internal monologue.

Sea of Solitude may tell a story that’s painfully personal, but it’s also incredibly approachable.

It’s not always subtle, but seeing various traumas and other issues manifest themselves in real, tangible ways is very impactful.

The game, from German studio Jo-Mei Games and EA’s Originals publishing label, is a brief but haunting adventure where you travel through the mind of a young woman named Kay.

Early on, you’ll be trying to navigate the landscape while avoiding a horrifying fish monster, while later you’ll need to sneak through a skyscraper filled with ghostly children and powerful air vents.

The world itself is shaped by her life experiences, and the game’s real challenge comes from watching how things unfold.

For the most part, Sea of Solitude plays out like a fairly standard third-person adventure game.

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