That Stranger Things 3 postcredits scene, explained

The credits may have rolled, but thanks to an extra scene, speculation over the next season carries

That Stranger Things 3 postcredits scene, explained

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At the end of season 3, Hawkins’ resident unsmiling police chief plays a crucial part in stopping the Russians from tearing open the wound to the Upside Down.

While El defeated the Demogorgon terrorizing Hawkins in season 1 and sealed the town’s gate between dimensions in 2 and 3, it’s honestly not surprising more monsters have crept through from the Upside Down.

As a heavyhearted Joyce Byers closes the door on her empty house in Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger Things 3 comes to an end.

The soldiers instead move on to the next door, clanging it open to reveal a haggard prisoner who begs in Russian not to be taken.

A more likely play seems to be further attempts from the Russian military at exploiting Hawkins’ interdimensional gate.

The Russian military may yet be done with trying to take advantage of the gate to the Upside Down under Hawkins.

While Hopper struggles with the relentless Terminator-esque Russian officer down by the energy drill, Joyce is up in the control room cutting off the power.

Whatever the case, creators the Duffer Brothers have suggested Stranger Things will wrap up the stories of our quickly growing young heroes after a fourth or fifth season.

Not the American" — heavily suggests he’s been captured, probably while Russian soldiers cleaned up their botched mysterious doings.

This is also assuming the Russians haven’t figured out how to use the Demogorgons for their own means, akin to Dustin befriending our favorite loyal Demo-Dog Dart.

New Stranger Things clothing lets you wear Demogorgons. : The Netflix hit inspires an H&M collection from another dimension — the 1980s.

That would allow the Mind Flayer, controller of the Demogorgon hive mind from its home in the Upside Down, to continue its plans for world domination.

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