The Morning After: The first almost-all screen Android phone

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha isn't just edgeless -- its screen nearly surrounds the entire

The Morning After: The first almost-all screen Android phone

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Although that company closed in 2017, engineer Jeri Ellsworth and others from the team behind it have created a new and improved version of the augmented reality glasses, built with a renewed focus on tabletop gaming.

The team is now a part of Facebook Reality Labs (fka Oculus Research), where it’s likely going to be used for controlling objects in VR or AR. ‘Dennou Coil’ is almost here. Remember castAR?

Assuming you have $1,980 at the ready, you can claim your own foldable on September 27th from either AT&T (in case you’re already a subscriber) or from Best Buy or Samsung retail locations (which sell unlocked and AT&T models.

Forget edgeless phones — this Mi Mix Alpha is practically frameless, with a "Surround Screen" that covers nearly the entire device on all sides.

Chris Velazco already has one of the revamped models and is ready with some first impressions on what has been fixed since its aborted launch — and what hasn’t.

Also, there’s an augmented reality board game Kickstarter you should see, and the Galaxy Fold is finally ready for its US debut. That’s how you go to 11.

To help guide your shopping spree on a soundbar and (possibly) subwoofer, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to look for alongside a list of the top picks for a range of budgets.

Finally, it’s packing a 108-megapixel camera in the small amount of space that isn’t screen, plus lenses for ultra-wide and telephoto shooting.

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