This entrepreneur wants pictures of your poop — for science.

This entrepreneur wants pictures of your poop — for

This entrepreneur wants pictures of your poop — for science.

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But Hachuel and his team want to hone their technology with images of real poop, so they’re inviting everyone to upload their snaps to a website, which he said would strip away identifying information before adding it to a database that would form the basis of an app that helps people categorize and track their stool over time. “Once the A. I. is trained, individuals will be able to use it to track bowel movements objectively,” Hachuel said, adding that the idea is to track patterns over time and use them to inform a medical provider’s assessment. “We’re essentially using technology to help those who suffer from a chronic condition to better understand how their lifestyle affects their condition,” Hachuel. “Everybody should be curious about what their gut health is about.

We’re already tracking our steps and calories and monitoring our heart rates; he hopes to build a poop tracker reliable enough to spot gastrointestinal problems quickly, easily and with minimal embarrassment. “Algorithms need a lot of data to understand what they’re looking at,” said Hachuel, CEO of Auggi, a Brooklyn, New York-based startup that he hopes can commercialize stool-reading technology. “We don’t care or want to know who is contributing to the images — but we are very thankful for the data.

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