How to Care for Your Car While Sheltering in Place

Being completely sedentary isn't just bad for people—it's bad for vehicles,

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Some OEMs recommend you preemptively change the oil if you think your car will be off the road for more than a month, and even if you don't do that, it's a good idea to fill the gas tank one last time, and adds a fuel stabilizer.

Mix up your ethanol solution and use a spray bottle and a clean microfiber cloth to clean all the surfaces, then don't forget to wash the microfiber cloth afterward.

If you're parking a car for more than a month, and you don't want to worry about running it once a week, you can use a battery tender to trickle-charge it.

Fixing broken cars has been deemed an essential service in most locales, but remember to call ahead to make an appointment, and when you pick your car up, you'll want to disinfect the door handles and the interior.

Keeping a car's exterior clean is an important part of protecting its paintwork, and as spring arrives, you may well have a winter's worth of road grime that needs dealing with.

As more local and state authorities tell everyone to stay at home, traffic has declined to the point where there has been a meaningful (albeit temporary) fall in air pollution over major US cities as people give up their daily commutes and school runs.

Even if you have a battery electric vehicle that gets plugged into a nice, dry garage every night, it should get turned on weekly—even some BEVs will discharge their 12-volt batteries if left idle for too long.

The most immediate problem is keeping your car's 12-volt battery from dying, and running the engine—and therefore the alternator—for at least this long, about once every week, should prevent that from happening.

Giving it a good clean inside and out is the first of these, and you'll want to put a weatherproof cover on your car if you have to store it outdoors.

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Don't use products containing bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia, as those can wreck upholstery and the various coating on screens.

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